Fortnite Battle Royale Guide to the Map

I want to start by apologizing to everyone who reads our guides. I took Season 9 off from it to concentrate on more going on with the website, discord, and podcast. If you have been reading our other content then I hope you see we have made wonderful progress! That being said it is time to get back at this guide to the map.

Welcome back everyone! I want to thank everyone who has been reading our guides, and those who have used them as a basis for really taking them to heart. They served as an excellent base for building up your strategy when you have started the game. So lets begin!

***Most Recent Edits will have the 3 asterisks before the information

This guide will work off of maps that sometimes have the areas marked on them, but we will mostly be assuming you know most of the basic map that has been around a while. Well it should go without saying that most guides made for Fortnite Battle Royale must be updated frequently or they kind of fall out of use pretty quickly. I started this updating guide near the end of Season 7, and will reflect the update in the title for future reference. Take a look a the updated map below, I will also call things out on the map with some coordinates so you can understand what we talk about.

      Let’s begin with talking about the various areas around the map in no particular order as well as minor changes week-to-week. Here’s your list;

  1. Frosty Flights

  2. ***The Block

  3. Polar Peak

  4. Happy Hamlet

  5. Paradise Palms

  6. Pleasant Park

  7. Mega Mall

  8. ***Tilted Town (Formerly Neo tilted - Formerly Tilted Towers)

  9. Sunny Steps

  10. Lazy Lagoon

  11. ***Loot Lake

  12. Pressure Plant

  13. Snobby Shores

  14. Shifty Shafts

  15. ***Other Minor changes

Now, These aren’t in any particular order, but you can recognize the popular drop points very easily. This guide will just show you some extra drop points you may not have given much thought to or just help you flush out more details in the ones that you did.

Frosty Flights has a great landing spot down on the left edge of the map due to the iceberg hitting the island and changing everything. There are a lot chests spread out among several tough steel buildings. What makes this zone also very lucrative is the forest just to the north of it for a great amount of starting Wood in addition to breaking down the metal building for a pile of Steel to start the game of with. One con to dropping here is that it’s pretty much in a  bowl, and you are stuck with the low ground no matter what. A second con, would be that you are on an edge of the map so you have a fair distance to go in a lot of cases. The only change at this location was the removal of Ballers with Season X. Rotation from here can easily be a nightmare now. Do be careful if you decide to start far off here. Coming here later is much better though.

***The Block is pretty wonderful no matter what is there. The Block is a spot to showcase user created areas. These areas are created on The Block in the Creative mode and then become voted upon and hand curated by Epic and Reddit. They’ve all been very well built regardless of how useful they have been in game itself. Season 8 has changed the location of The Block itself to where the former unnamed hotel was. This change is also along with much of a rework of the North Eastern part of the map.

So for The Block currently is a nice nod to the summer ending, but the fun being far from over! This Block is by W4TERM2L0N. This Block has a summer amusement park/water slide theme. Like other Blocks, you will find an absolute abundance of Ammo here. This Block in particular will be excellent for Wood and Stone. There are several Pallets and plenty of trees here. There is also tons of the large Stone piles here for great harvesting. This Block has several chests but not enough to say that it will be a perfect place to outfit. There is, however, quite a bit of floor loot. So expect to see some Shotguns laying around! This place has some quick Steel farming, but not enough to get you capped out on the material for the game. It is not a terrible rotation to the solar array’s near Sunny Steps though. If you follow the slide-show here, you will see the travel around in a counter-clockwise rotation showing off much of The Block to you so you can make a plan. Our recommendation is that you land either Durr or SofDeez to grab some quick loot, a chest at least, and be able to either have line of sight and height for your coming fights, or be able to get out of the block and away if it is overwhelming.

Next up is Polar Peak. This is the flagship zone of Season 7, and also where The Prisoner (the Snowfall Challenges) skin comes from. Polar Peak broke apart and released the Cattus for the epic Kaiju showdown at the end of Season 9 with the Doggus (the Mech). It was quite the show, but Polar still has next to nothing with it now. Harvesting is poor here. There is a Reboot Van and a lot of height. If you need to be here be sure to pick up some Stone, watch your head, and plan to get out quick. Highly recommend having Gliders or a Jump Pad to get moving too.

Happy Hamlet. It’s a cool like Dutch looking town on the southern edge of the map filled with houses, chests, and ground loot. It’s very vertical, and can help or hurt you depending on how mobile you are. The houses here are sloped with a lot of those pesky angular walls that won’t let you build walls for defense. The walls and other parts of structure here are great for Wood and Brick. There are also a few cars that can give you a fair baseline of steel to get you started too. If you need to rotate from here, you have a pretty easy trek over to Lucky Landing and the old Flush 2.0 (which is a shadow of it’s former self now). You also can rotate over to the open snow lands that aren’t really worth talking much about aside from the sporadic loot, The large of two islands off the edge of the map that has an Infinite rift inside it (like Wailing Woods). Our favorite though would be going up to the Expedition outpost to the north/north-east for Zip Lines, snowboards, or the Tree of Life. This puts you at the Chair (the Sled this season) as well for some extra loot. Pro’s for landing here include the multitude of loot and good resource grabs (don’t forget all the trees around the town itself. As for Con’s, it is on the edge of the map so high circles mean you may have to rush anything you are doing and fight back into the safe zone. Has not changed since it arrived.

***Tilted Town. No Building, No Breaking. Neo Tilted is no more! (Well for now? Who knows. This season it could change every other week). ANYWAY! Tilted Town is super unique. As stated before, you cannot build anything or break anything. So no B.R.U.T.E can come stomp you. It’s all using corners and playing old school. There are unique weapon drops here, such as the Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, and Hunting Rifle. The change has also taken out the slip stream around the city so no more hopping out that fast. Now you just have to wander to the crazy Loot Lake rift ball. So no breaking means no gathering mats inside! It’s also curious as to what will happen to an odd field of 40 players in arena if the storm passes through. Keep an eye on it, and check it out. It’s pretty fun. Did we mention you get turned into Deadfire(ish) and Calamity (ish) when you go in? Well if nothing else you at least get a sweet duster to wear.

Now for Sunny Steps. This area has a very Aztec/Mayan feel to everything here. It’s also bright and colorful, so it’s a ton of eye candy. It’s located in the new jungle looking forest area as well, mixed with some palm trees. There is good loot here, it’s not overflowing with it like Neo Tilted or Mega Mall. Most of this place is Stone, and there are new small breakable pots that count for Stone. All this being said, the area is very fun to go to. If you are getting attacked from the volcano it can be kind of difficult because they have a large height advantage. Floor loot here is fairly good as well, things are pretty nice with pick ups, but sometimes you end up cornering yourself for some floor loot or a chest so keep that in mind if you are in close proximity to other players. Has not changed since it arrived.

Lazy Lagoon. This place is such a cool pirate feel, complete with palm trees, water, a port town, and a boat! The Boat has a good deal of loot in it with the possibility of a chest of each floor and on both front and back. There is another on the crows nest, but it is very high up and will cause death if you land on it. The Port town has a bit of good floor loot as well as several chests in the main building. The other building have a chest or two in them typically and a little bit of possible floor loot. Has not changed since it arrived. Well sort of not. They did remove the Cannons from town.

Pressure Plant. This zone has quite a bit of Steel to harvest. Loot is very spread out since the Mech was built and the middle became a giant Air Vent. It’s easy to get caught here, but it is also easy to sneak a quick bit of loot and run off. Anyone caught here is stuck in a deep bowl. To get out you will have to chance hitting the vent and hope your attackers do not have a good shot or you are still a sitting duck in the air.

Snobby Shores. Snobby has a good amount of loot, it’s very linear, and has each kind of resource you could want. It primarily has Stone and Wood, with some Steel from each kitchen set. If you want more Steel, rotating to the Gym is the best bet, unless the storm is more south. Then by all means you may want to rotate into Frosty Flights for Steel. Snobby is on the edge of the map so it puts you at a disadvantage depending on the storm, or a very nice advantage of being sparsely populated anymore as well as having a good chunk of loot to grab. The Vikings are taking over it slowly from one side, so we may see even more loot come down here as some houses have been remodeled and changed/destroyed. In Season 9 the far Northern house was destroyed by Cattus walking through it and has remained that way.

Mega Mall. This place has better loot than Retail Row did. Problem is it’s all over the place in this wide open mall full of corners, doors, floors, and dead ends. Be careful if you land with enemies, but also keep in mind that you can score your entire set up just for dropping here. Weigh the options and hop in. Mega Mall houses a Slip Stream dock as well. It’s completely surrounded by it too for extra quick rotating. Remember that you can get out fast, but the enemies can get in just as fast.

Shifty Shafts. This location has not changed hardly at all in several seasons. I would put it on the chopping block for something to be done with in the near future. That being said, the loot here is solid, it’s not mountainous like Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, or Pleasant Park but it will get the job done for you all. It’s grace is that it has tons of Wood, a source for Steel, and some Brick all in a very close proximity. To add to this there are Shield Shrooms scattered around. (generally there is enough for about 50-75 Shield total). With the removal of the slip streams that circle the map you must hoof it our of here like before. You can still rotate into Neo Tilted and hit the remaining one here, but it won’t get you too far.

***Loot Lake. This location has come back and undergone some major changes. Everything seems to be emanating from here. Neo Tilted once was being powered by the bunker and the Time Orb there, but in Season 9 Cattus destroyed some of the cables taking power out, and then during the Cattus/Doggua Kaiju battle the Doggus (Mech) used the Time Orb to power itself up to finish the fight. This resulted in the Time Orb becoming increasingly unstable through the end of Season 9. Now Season X has brought a Time Crisis to the island and Loot Lake is basically one giant Rift. Things are frozen in place too. There isn’t a ton of loot here, but you can hit that rift and leave anytime. Also there is now no lights whatsoever in the power lines going to Neo Tilted.

***Minor Changes:

  • Hot Spots have been added. These spots have little drones that drop loot when shot. You don’t have to open anything it drops 1 gun and some ammo with it.

  • The Wick house has been added. Decent loot here, but be sure to dig up the 3 Chests in the work out room!

  • The Steel Ship has been changed back into the OG Chair.

  • Loot Lake is a Giant Rift. The “Time Orb” was crushed in the Cattus/Doggus Kaiju fight and now is growing, changing the island around it.

  • Slip Streams are mostly gone. Only remaining around Mega Mall and Neo Tilted.

  • The Rocky couple have disappeared! Now the Stone Dog “Stony” has been spotted sniffing them out on the edge of the jungle and Lonely Lodge.

  • Pirate outpost near The Block and Lazy Lagoon was destroyed by Cattus.

  • The Houses outside of Mega Mall to the South & South West have had a large cosmetic upgrade.

  • Some Minor updates to various houses throughout the map.

  • Dusty Depot is back! and so are all the old model houses with it.

  • Many Signs point to the old POI’s coming back in some changed form;

    • Moisty Mire Trees coming out of a small building

    • Paradise Palms sign looking like Moisty Mire

    • Toilet in a small building near Polar/Frosty

    • Chair House is now TV House

    • Gnome Garage near Pleasant Park

    • Risky Reels sign on a stone building in the jungle

    • Lazy Links sign on a small house on the cliffs above Lazy Lagoon

    • An Extra level to the small shack that has been being built for god knows how many seasons now between Fatal Fields and Salty Springs.

The map has undergone quite the change with Season 9 into Season X. The new futuristic feel makes it feel fresh, and the time changes going on will spell out a whole new type of play this season.