Metarama will be the First Gaming & Music Festival of its Kind

Are you a fan of music festivals but wish they had a bit more gaming and streaming flair? There’s a new festival coming this fall that aims to merry the best of both in a massive way and I am super stoked. Called the Metarama Gaming & Music Festival, this event will be held Las Vegas Festival Grounds on Oct. 19-20 of 2019 and will be headlined by some absolutely huge star power. How huge? Look at that list of stars on the poster! Not to mention this venue can house up to 80,000 people so there’s going to be a lot going on.

Judging by the information we got in a press release, Metarama is going to be a gaming paradise. This event will have an unbelievably large Streamer Zone where people can play games with some of the worlds most famous streamers like Ninja, SypherPK, Pokimane, Dr.Lupo, Nickmercs, TimTheTatman, Courage, Valkyrae, and KittyPlays. There will also be a Freeplay Zone that will feature a wide array of different video games to play, and more free-to-play areas that will have tabletop gaming, board gaming, card games, VR experiences, professional drone racing, and even a vintage arcade.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I would totally get down on a few games of Magic and watching how people do drone races live with the background of this great range of live music.

Metarama is not just catering to those looking to game, the music talent set to perform is off the charts. Acts include: Marshmello, Logic, Snoop Dogg, Lindsey Stirling, lil Yachty, and DJ Diesel (Shaquille O’Neal).

Side bar, I totally missed that Shaq became a DJ. Was that before or after Shaq Fu 2?

The festival doesn’t stop there though. Oh no. Attendees will be able to watch live on location, professional exhibition matches of Overwatch esport matches. Those matches include Philadelphia Fusion vs. Seoul Dynasty, and Guangzhou Charge vs. San Francisco Shock. In addition to this the finals of the League of Legends: Pros vs. Joes tournament will put renowned players against talented newcomers in epic fashion.

Cue up some Billy Mays voice in your head because wait there’s more!

Another tournament being featured is the inaugural Metarama Masters, a Pro-Am tournament that will feature top level musicians and streamers coming together to play some today’s top games. That means it won’t just be Fortnite for anyone who is worried. Also for those who do not know. Pro-Am tournaments are a pretty cool thing that has gotten popular by pairing up a highly skilled player or Pro, in this case the streamer, with an Amateur which in this case would be the musician.

This festival looks to be action packed for those of you who want to hit the ground running with high levels of excitement at every turn. At the same time though, people can chill and get into the zone with some tabletop gaming or card games such as Magic: The Gathering.

What they don’t touch base on a whole lot in the press release though is the Cosplay that will undoubtedly turn some heads. Cosplay is a wonderful chance to show off love of games, anime, TV, etc. . . Not to mention some extremely talented Cosplays are constantly being made.

I would check out your favorite Cosplayer and see if they’re going to be there!

I am hoping that this event hits hard and shows just how great things can be for everyone involved. Metarama will likely be technically difficult for all involved so be sure to give a nod to all those hard working stage technicians out there. I know what it’s like, but I have never done anything on the scale of this event. They’re going to be tired and sweaty, but they are going to be the glue keeping things nice and smooth so attendees can get out there and enjoy themselves to their hearts content without worry.

I would say that I have worries about this large of a venue going on, but after seeing how successful Ninja Live was, as well as the Fortnite World Cup, I have to say that if people have the front and back end of everything worked out, there should be no issues. On the bad side of the spectrum I always have to fear a disaster like Pokemon Go Fest in 2017. Being scared of the worst, I have to think that Vegas won’t want something bad soiling their towns reputation either, so expect the best of the best organization, security, and medical personnel to be pulled out there.

For those looking to be the first for what could become a regular celebration, there are three kinds of tickets that are all 2-day available now for purchase. There is General Admission, VIP, and POWER UP in order of cheapest to most expensive. They have some very cool perks as the price increases to match what one would be paying.

If you like to drink and plan to a lot while enjoying the music then the POWER UP ticket is attractive with a complimentary open bar included. Not to mention with POWER UP you can have the chance to do daily meet-and-greets with many of the celebrities there. VIP includes unlimited in-and-out privileges and a lower cost on alcohol purchases, as well as complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Then there’s General admission. This level doesn’t specify if one can go in-and-out more than once, and does not include any spiffy beverage deals, but it does include free water. Gotta keep hydrated.

Beverages are among the most important thing to me at these types of events. I could easily spend $200-$300 dollars in 2 days on festival priced drinks of any kind, so that level up ticket could pay for itself easily.

For more information on tickets, pricing, and additional event information visit the official Metarama Festival website.