Upcoming Bee Simulator adds Co-Op & Multiplayer


Look, I’ve never been a big fan of bees. I am allergic to their stings and bees have generally been a point of anxiety in my life for many years, especially wasps which I am convinced are the most vile creatures on this planet. Knowing this, it may be surprising why I’m bringing this Bee Simulator to the attention of our readers. Well, for one we got a press release recently about competitive and cooperative play being featured in a new trailer. Secondly, I have always wanted a developer to take the general idea of the N64 classic Buck Bumble and turn it into a modern game.

For anyone unfamiliar with Buck Bumble, it was a third-person shooter where the player took control of this rad little bee dude. There were lots of weapon types and an unforgettable theme song. Aside from that, it’s a pretty unassuming title, but I really enjoyed exploring a world through the perspective of a bee, which is exactly what Bee Simulator is all about.

Bee Simulator doesn’t look to have the shooting action element that I found so cool in Buck Bumble, but it does look to have a similar exploration element but with obviously way more detail than an N64 title. Judging from the various trailers and press releases, players take control of a bee and do bee things such as pollinating flowers, communicate with other hive members through bee signals, and take down threats to the hive.

The game is being developed by VARSAV Games Studio, which is stationed in Poland, and it will be published by Bigben. There also seems to be some educational goals for Bee Simulator, as there are pro-bee facts and lessons strewn throughout the game and its story of humans encroaching on an ecosystem. In many parts of the world, especially in the US, bee populations have drastically declined, so having that awareness and advocacy built into the heart of a game could definitely help players understand why bees are important. According to the latest press release, VARSAV worked closely with beekeepers to get the information right.

The latest trailer reveals that there will be cooperative and competitive multiplayer with up to four players. Currently, this is limited to local play, meaning no online multiplayer. It would be cool to see online options come in as an update or something but this is a smaller scope title so it will likely depend on how well it sells.

I think overall Bee Simulator’s success is going to come down to performance. If the framerate is poor or there’s a lot of graphical pop-in, that could spell trouble overall. That said, I am really into the idea of playing as a bee, learning more about bees in general, and maybe doing so with some friends on the couch.

In the meantime, I’ll be imagining what a modern Buck Bumble would look like.

More information about Bee Simulator can be found on the official website. Bee Simulator is set to launch on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14th of this year.