Fortnite Battle Royale v10.00 Update Brings Players Back to the Wild West


Welcome to the old West

No Buildin’! No Breakin’!

“Welcome to Tilted Town! No Breakin’, No Buildin’!”

Today Fortnite Battle Royale has updated content v.10.00. The content update today brings players back in time to Tilted Town. This POI was once Tilted Towers and recently was Neo Tilted. Now things have changed though.

The running Theory is that the visitor climbed out of his capsule before it crashed on the island because of the time anomalies going on and set up a rift generator in Neo Tilted. Now that the week is done, it seems that generator has caused a regression in time to when Neo Tilted was called Tilted Town. This comes with a twist though.

Tilted Town, as the heading says, will not allow players to Build or to Harvest while inside the boundaries. This twist is a huge change for Fortnite. In the past you could build anything anywhere. Later on they made it so you couldn’t build around the Reboot Van’s. Now without allowing you to harvest or build in a location that so many tend to drop is interesting. In Addition to the changed to the POI itself, now specific weapons will spawn inside of Tilted Town;

  • Double Barrel Shotgun (Epic/Legendary)

  • Six Shooter (Uncommon/Rare/Epic)

  • Hunting Rifle (Uncommon/Rare)

  • Infantry Rifle (Common)

One thought on the change with Tilted Town is if other players can build and shoot you when you are inside of Tilted Town and not able to build and defend yourself. On the other hand it seems you cannot break the town itself so you will always be able to be around unbreakable structures.

Also in the update today they brought out a new sniper. The new Automatic Sniper Rifle will keep your enemies suppressed from afar with a rain of bullets! This new Sniper boasts a hefty 16 round clip, but does far less damage. We are talking 31/33/35 damage based on the rarity of either Rare/Epic/Legendary. Since it does less damage it used Medium Ammo instead of Heavy. It also shoot FAST. 4 rounds per second fast. Keep an eye on it and the changes it will bring!

So how do you all think the changes will play out this week with the changes to Tilted Town and the addition of the new Automatic Sniper Rifle? Like it or love it? Maybe you Hate it? Either way, good luck out there on your new Victory Royale.