Waking Presents an Emotional Adventure with an Open Warning

Waking Screenshot Steam 1.jpg

The games published by tinyBuild are often ones trying something new with established genres with varying degrees of success. Some of their games become points of excitement like the praised Graveyard Keeper and the commercial juggernaut Hello Neighbor, while some like Phantom Trigger miss the mark or are divisive as is the case for Pathologic 2. Judging by the available information and the trailer, the quality of Waking is hard to determine but there is an intriguing twist that comes with a warning to players with mental health issues that easily makes us want to know more.

I’ve recently seen some exceptional trailers for hard to recommend games, so my early call has been inaccurate here of late. That said, Waking’s proposed use of emotional moments based on the choices of the player combined with some Dark Souls elements and telekinesis is a mix of things that instantly excites me.

Waking is described as an emotional action-adventure game that takes place in the mind of a comatose patient. In the press release for the game’s latest trailer, there is a warning about the game’s personal questions that are used to generate content that may trigger unpleasant memories.

TinyBuild even go as far as to ask players with mental disorders to avoid Waking and there are promises of tears in a recent press release. Any game that openly states something like this probably means that there is some powerful stuff at work. While some might find that appealing, there may be elements that may be too intense for some players.

I’m the type of player who personally seeks out media that makes me cry; some of my favorite stories and games end on somber, reflective notes so I’m curious just how deep Waking goes.

Gameplay seems to have the deliberate design we’ve come to love from Dark Souls and games emulating that iconic and deeply engaging style. I am interested in seeing just how much strafing there is, as with enough time that could get old since there seems to be a focus on the telekinetic throwing of objects. I would also hope to see a large variety of enemy types and of course some dynamic effects of the choices made by the player.

For anyone curious, there is a free demo available. Since the game is set to release this summer, I’m actually going to refrain from trying this as a demo to instead experience a more full and refined experience in a single go.

Overall, Waking is intriguing and I want to know more, a perfect feeling after seeing a game’s trailer.

For more information check out the Steam listing for Waking or the official tinyBuild website.