Will you be adding other writers?

We would like to eventually, but only when we have something to offer those creators. For now, most content will be made by Zach and Alex. 

What experience do you have?

Like many content creators in video games, we've been playing for most of our lives. Alex has been involved with a few different sites over the years and Zach has also done some minor games content, as well as Professional acting & technician background.

Will you cover Mature content?

We will be covering content that is rated by the ESRB, so anything from Rated Everyone - Mature. We will not be covering Adult rated content though.



Are you open to sponsored content?

Yes, but only for projects that we actually enjoy. We wouldn't partner with a slots developer that doesn't align with out interests, but we would for something really interesting to us or useful to readers. 

What is the best way to contact?

The best ways are to use any of these social media links as well as to E-Mail us at — Theforeverclassicpodcast@gmail.com