Alex McCumbers

Alex has been slowly shaping his writing, networking, and production skills for over a decade. He got into games journalism to keep his writing skills and habits in check, as he has always wanted to create a novel or write a game's narrative. Sites that he has published work include Giga Geek Magazine, Marooners' Rock, Twin Galaxies, and several guest pieces have been uploaded on other sites. He has been learning video and audio production since seeing the earliest episodes of Game Grumps and is currently doing radio news production during the work week. 

Forever Classic was the branding that was invented during that faithful summer where he became absolutely fascinated by the world of Let's Play videos and deeper dives like Sequelitis. That brand name has always been at the back of his mind, tying it to projects here and there, but this website will be able to collect all of those efforts into a single place. 

"Welcome to Forever Classic, I'm Alex McCumbers."