Zachary S. Snyder

A Jack of all trades. That’s what they call Bards, multi-talented individuals, and people with a passion for learning. Zach Snyder falls into this category for more than one reason. With a background and education in Performing Arts, Design & Tech, and an avid lover of all kinds of games from board games to the modern video games, Zach brings a special ability to put himself and those who follow him into different viewpoints on any subject matter. This comes from having formerly been a certified Actor-Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, a professional stage actor, and the amazing people he has met along the way.

Zach got into gaming at a young age, but his passion really developed when he learned of Dungeons & Dragons with his friends and the infinite worlds and possibilities that are created from it. Zach wants to bring that feeling of joy and satisfaction to all readers, listeners, and lurkers alike!

“Open your eyes and enjoy the ride, welcome to Forever Classic Games!”

For an extra look into Zach and his inner thoughts on everything visit this link for his general blog of thoughts and feeling on various subjects.

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